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Our Ongoing Programs

Skill Building

All of our program opportunities are tailored to help individuals achieve their personal goals and learn life skills that matter to them. Learning about money management, how to establish and maintain healthy relationships with peers, foundational components of self-care and activities of daily living, are all examples of the skill building that is integrated within daily program offerings.

Farm & Garden

Between our half acre vegetable garden, main Greenhouse, two hoop houses  and the surrounding grounds of the property there is an array of options for individuals to learn basic farm and garden skills and get involved in sourcing food from seed to table. Our skilled garden and land staff facilitate activities and curriculum to educate program participants about the holistic process of food systems and vegetable growth. Engaging in land activities, participants learn how to prepare and plant garden beds, rake flat beds, plant seeds and turn soil. Additionally, flowers and herbs are harvested for bouquets, to prepare salves, and for additional art and hand work projects. The garden program provides a space of purpose and peace that benefits everyone who spends time there and encourages life skill development.

Lots of Garden Vegtables in Bins

Farm Store

The future farm store of Stanton Home is a space that will provide further opportunities to bring together members of our community with the broader Berkshire community. Produce and products from our local garden, compost, weavery products and other goods will be offered for sale . The farm store will provide a place for deepening social connections, building skills in the process of sales and marketing, and deepening involvement in the growth and distribution process of local food.

The Weavery

The Weavery is the oldest component of Stanton Home’s activity spaces and houses our collection of specialty floor looms, from new to vintage. Creating woven products in the space provides opportunities for increasing manual dexterity, self expression through color and fiber arts and socializing with peers and the fiber arts staff.

Learning at the Weavery
Constituents at the Berkshire Community Center Gym

Community Connection
and building sustaining relationships

Our main site is located just 2 miles from downtown Great Barrington, and connecting with our local community is at the heart of each day’s rhythm and activities.

Accessing local resources, such as the gym and a multitude of trail and hiking locations, helps us stay connected with our neighbors and build new relationships each day.

Culinary Program

Our primary CBDS program location provides a beautiful kitchen for program participants to engage in culinary activities from harvest to plate with the support of our skilled staff. Lunch is cooked for the community at large, regularly serving over forty staff and program participants, and providing healthy and local nourishment for all. Culinary activities are tailored towards individuals’ goals and engage at all interest and skill levels, learning basic preparatory and culinary skills, as well as menu planning and food shopping, cleaning, and preserving and processing of crops.

Resident Cooking in the Kitchen

Recreation/Physical Activity

Providing opportunities to get outdoors, involved in nature and live a healthy life is a priority of daily activities at Stanton Home. Whether hiking at local trailheads, visiting the community center for swimming and recreation, or exploring a more individual therapeutic physical activity such as horseback riding or eurythmy, physical activity and wellness opportunities are an integral part of daily life.

Compost Connection Project:

The compost connection vocational program provides employment opportunities for adults in our program and in the broader Berkshire community. The project provides employment opportunities for those interested in pursuing vocational programming, in the production, packaging, marketing, and sales of compost to the local community. This integrated work setting will provide learning opportunities for the individuals supported, who will work alongside with staff seeking meaningful work in a skill building setting.

CBDS / Day Program

Our day program provides engaging and meaningful activities that provide opportunities for choice, self-expression and development of skills and passions for those we support. On-site at the main farm location and throughout the broader community, individuals engage in small group and individual activities, given the opportunity to try new activities and make new connections with peers and the community at large.

Residential Program

Our homes provide 24/7 support to the individuals we support by providing a nurturing, loving and peaceful environment. Each home is unique to the individuals who live there and play an active role in the rhythms and routines of daily life.

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