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205 North Plain Rd. Great Barrington, MA 01230

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(413) 528-0506



We believe that the most important thing in life is relationships. Everything else is how we give substance, value, and meaning to those relationships.

Volunteers assist  with the needs of others and help around the house. Assisting with the needs of others can be giving someone a ride to a therapy or to day program, helping someone with personal care and hygiene, writing a letter, making a phone call, growing fresh greens, weaving a baby blanket or attending a play or concert. Our social awareness extends beyond the house, to neighbors, friends, and community needs, so we are active in recycling, community clean ups, etc. Assisting around the house includes opportunities to take leadership roles in doing repairs, cleaning, gardening, cooking, building, maintaining a compost bin and helping administratively. We are very flexible and aim to utilize individual strengths / interests to support our community so that as a group we can achieve results we can all enjoy.

Stanton home is looking for people to help our mission to support our
dedication to creating co-housing and  opportunities for people with
diverse abilities.

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