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About Stanton Home

Our Mission is to partner with adults with diverse abilities to actively pursue healthy, self-determined lives.

Who We Are

Core Values:

Who We Serve

Stanton Home serves adults with a primary diagnosis of intellectual and/or developmental disability.

The majority of the people we serve live at one of the Stanton Home residences, others join us for the Day Program at 205 North Plain Rd. People remain in the program as long as they desire to and we are able to meet their needs.

Our Incredible Staff

House & Program Managers

Nate Davis

Sara Dixon

Tristan Greene

Leslie Groff

Katie Herbst

Sandy Littell

Lisa Love


Janyss Morse

Ryan Wagner

Victoria Wagner


Emily Bottum

Cheryl Chasse

Sara Cohen

Isaura (Izzy) Fearn

Jeanne Goll

Kristina Gomez

Anne Marie Heffernan


JoEllen Johnson

Donna Pequignot

Jackie Strawn

Administrative Staff

Michelle Brazil

Radvile Dallmeyer

Nancy Finn

Rosalynn Frederick

Lynne Jablonski

Helen Moorefield

Janyss Morse

Michael Petersen

Charlie Robinson

Susan Shurtleff

Kendra Smallwood

Peter Stanton

Lauren Tompkins

Direct Care Staff

Jesse Bauknight

Claire Bourgeois

Angela Carlson

Maegan Carlson

Jamie Davenport

Nick deRis

Jennifer Eldridge

Alia Gilmore

David Gilmore

Daeja Gomes

Thomas Goodchild

Maggie Hallowell

Lily Heberlein

Josiah Jones

Barbara Linden

Seth Lobovits

Brittany Maziotto

Tony Moore

Jaron Moore

Michelle Parsons

Matthew Rock

Hannah Ross

JoEllen Rosier

Crystal Sawyer

Joseph Scully

Raachell Smith

Eleanor Stewart

Rachel Stewart

Ran Shimizu

Robert Spence

Jayla Speers

Mary Stalker

Amanda Vocasek

Ethan Weisbecker

Annamaria Wendling

James Wells


Our Dedicated Board

Sam Ernst

Cathy Fracasse

Kate Van Olst


Emily Alward

Yvonne Forman

Michael Linden



Michael Ukropina

Laine Wilder

Emily Zelenovic



Stanton home is looking for people to join our community and help bring our mission to life by supporting adults with diverse abilities within our homes and programs. 

Stanton Houses

Stanton Home has six locations each with it’s own character, activities and community.

Who knew that the answer to our prayers was just minutes up the road in Great Barrington, MA? After much research and lots of hand wringing, my sister and I contacted Stanton Home and arranged for a visit. The minute we walked in the door it felt right.
Charlie Noyes
brother of Jim, resident of Orchard House

Human Rights, NO Exceptions

Stanton Home believes in honoring the rights and dignity of all people, especially those in our care. Our goal is to protect and advocate for the human rights of all who live and work at Stanton Home.

We provide training, resources, and support to the individuals we serve to inform them about and enable them to actively exercise their human rights. In addition, all our staff and volunteers are trained in Human Rights to be knowledgeable and conversant about this topic which is essential to life here.

Human Rights are a two-sided coin, on one side, we feel empowered when our rights are honored, we feel dignified when we are treated with respect. On the other side is responsibility, our responsibility to honor and respect the rights and dignity of others.

The Stanton Home Human Rights Committee provides oversight and training to ensure that the rights and freedoms of the individuals we support are completely respected. The Committee is comprised of a social worker, attorney, nurse, occupational therapist, local citizens and family members. We strive to ensure our residents understand and actively exercise their human rights. In addition we provide training for all our staff, both paid and unpaid, in protecting and advocating for the human rights of our residents and all who live and work at Stanton Home.

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